Phoenix Firebird®

The Cavalier Phoenix Firebird® is a vintage build mid-1960s Gibson® Firebird® that uses 42AWG coil wire, AlNiCo 5 bar magnets inset into individual mini bobbins, chromed nickel-silver cover, fully wax potted, each coil is wired in series and fitted with leads that have an insulated shield over a pair of conductors .

True vintage Gibson Firebirds are NOT mini-humbuckers! Firebirds are unique in their internal design/build than any size typical humbuckers, and sound more like a good single coil.

Twin conductors allows swapping the leads to care for phasing issues with other pickups. Supplied with machine mounting screws and height tubing.

The Phoenix Firebird® can be calibrate wound for the neck postion in a Tele®, or two or three Phoenix Firebirds® can be wound to suit a particular guitar and sonic requirements. It can also be a direct replacement for any existing Gibson build Firebird® pickup, and can be calibrated for pickup position location. The Phoenix Firebird® cover dimensions are 2.70" long, 1.125" wide, .625" high. Mounting screws and height rubbers are supplied.

Phoenix Firebird® pickups are built and shipped within ten business days.

Cavalier Phoenix Firebird
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WARRANTY - Cavalier Pickups warrants that its products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for LIFE (the original owner), and will repair or replace any part which (under normal installation and use) discloses such defects, if the product is returned to Cavalier Pickups with prepaid shipping charges, and provided that the product, upon examination by Cavalier Pickups, discloses that it is defective. This warranty does not extend beyond the original purchaser, nor to any Cavalier Pickups product which has been damaged by misuse, accident, incorrect wiring, improper installation, use in violation of the instructions, tampering, alteration or repair outside of our domain.

RETURNS - The Cavalier return policy is simple - there is NO return policy, unless there is a verified build defect (see Warranty). However, there is a 30 day swap allowed - return a pickup in both working and visual order, and no shortened leads, for another Cavalier pup of the same value. The fee for this service is $17 (which includes return shipping to you), and $10 for each additional return-for-swap pickup. DO NOT RETURN MERCHANDISE WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING CAVALIER PICKUPS. Communications is everything.

(Note - "Fender", "Tele", "Esquire", "Strat", "P-Bass", "J-Bass" are all copyrights of FMIC, "Firebird" and "P90" are copyrights of Gibson, Inc.

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The Cavalier Phoenix Firebird Mini-Humbucker ...

Phoenix Firebird neck position in a Tele ...

FretTech partscaster Tele-Bird direct into a Li'l Dawg Prince 5F2A w/12" Weber Vintage AlNiCo speaker, no modulation.

Phoenix Firebird Bridge (1)
Phoenix Firebird Bridge & Neck (1)
Phoenix Firebird Neck (1)

Phoenix Firebird Bridge/Bridge+Neck/Neck, 3 takes

FretTech partscaster Tele-Bird into a Big Muff direct to the board.

Phoenix Firebird Bridge

The real Cavalier pups!

Bubba and Rosie

RIP Rosie 11/27/2008 ~ 4/17/2021