Fretted Instrument Tech Services

I'm still offering assembled Telecaster® and Stratocaster® guitars as well as P-Bass® and J-Bass® bass guitars. The larger part of the cost will almost always be dependent on your selection of wood and wood finish. However, using typically low cost pre-finished body wood from vendors such as and, can make the price tag much more manageable and still produce a quality, professional instrument. If you have custom wood and/or finish requirements, you will ultimately be looking for assistance from guitar vendors such,,, and others.

Parts for your guitar can come from you, or me, or both of us. I offer a 25% discount for any parts from, and that includes their prefinished bodies and Excellent Fender Japan necks.

I also offer guitar tech and luthier services such as setups, fret work, custom bone nuts, electronic circuit work, and more - Guitar Tech Services.

Rob DiStefano
58 Linden Avenue
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

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